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USOU Introduces New e-Learning Platform

United States Online University developed the e-learning platform "Progressor", which is based on an award winning program engine that supports the delivery of text, graphics, audio, video, real-time animation, power point presentations, pdf, flash, html, and virtually any media that is internet compatible.

The Progressor is a highly automated
e-learning and teaching system that triggers learner participation through the right combination of digital collaboration tools in an environment of experiential learning. Its powerful Student Performance Support System and proven Competency Modeling System set it apart from all other e-learning platforms.

The Virtual Professor module is based on advanced Artificial Intelligence routines known as Evolutionary Code. It delivers content customized to the learner’s needs, creates blended learning solutions and evaluates and controls the learning interactions.


USOU Voted "Best Instructional Systems Design"

United States Online University Voted “Best Instructional Systems Design” by Training Magazine Readers. APX Award confirms USOU's excellence as a training supplier.

United States Online University has been named a winner of Training magazine's Annual Achieving Performance eXcellence (APX) Awards. Subscribers of Training magazine have recognized United States Online University for excellence as a training supplier through a special ballot. 50,000 training professionals were asked to make their selections for the best suppliers in the field as measured by four criteria

  • Value
  • Ease of use
  • Meet/exceed buyers' expectations
  • Exceptional customer service

"To be selected by such a high-profile audience of training professionals is a significant endorsement," said Training magazine's publisher Stacy Marmolejo. "We are pleased that we have created the APX program to further support the industry."