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Accreditation for Employability Coaching

Job Contender offers coaches an exciting opportunity to become specialized in Employability Coaching. This accreditation program is authorized by the Accrediting Alliance for Training and Development. You will learn to implement competency-based coaching by utilizing the 10 Success Factors developed by Job Contender Faculty. As an accredited Job Contender Coach you will coach job seekers who have completed the Masters Series at Job Contender. The purpose of this specialized coaching is to raise the Employability Quotient (E.Q.) of job seekers and transform them into Job Contenders.

Employability Coaching -
The Winning Formula

Authors: Herbert J. Kellner, Ph.D. - Connie Penn, Ph.D. - Dr. Mikel Walton


Part 1: Introduction

• Job Contender Accreditation Training
• Our Faculty
• Purpose of the Program
• Learning Objectives

Part 2: Success Factors of Communication

• Communication: Art or Science
• The Cost of Ineffective Communication
• How Do You Define Communication?
• Three Components of a Communication System
• Barriers of Effective Communication
• Force Field Analysis
• Characteristics of Effective Communication
• Five Communication Styles

Part 3: Coach Competencies

• Competency-Based Training and Coaching
• The Competency Zone
• The Success Factors
• What are Competencies?
• The Coaching Competencies
• How Do You Define the Competency Listening?
• Competency: Listening
• Focal Points of Listening
• Components of the Competency Listening
• How Do You Define the Competency Understanding?
• Competency: Understanding
• Focal Points of Understanding

• Components of the Competency Understanding
• How Do You Define the Competency Convincing?
• Competency: Convincing
• Focal Points of Convincing
• Components of the Competency Convincing
• How Do You Define the Competency Achieving?
• Competency: Achieving
• Focal Points of Achieving
• Components of the Competency Achieving

Part 4: Job Seeker Competencies

• Sources of Error in Observing Behavior
• Can Self-Evaluation Result in Self-Deception?
• Focus on Observable Behavior
• Phases of Behavior Evaluation
• Success Factor Initiative
• Success Factor Productivity
• Success Factor Confidence
• Success Factor Vision
• Success Factor Career
• Success Factor Appearance
• Success Factor Test-Taking
• Success Factor Résumé
• Success Factor Interview
• Success Factor Strategy

Part 5: Tools and Forms

• Employability Quotient (E.Q.) Assessment
• Critical Incident Report
• Action Plan

National Registry of Accredited Coaches

Master Coaches


First Name Last Name Organization State
Les Brown Les Brown Enterprises OH
Dave Buck CoachVille NJ
Jim Bunch CA
Jack Canfield The Canfield Training Group CA
Jim Cathcart Cathcart Institute, Inc. CA
Stan DeKoven, Ph.D. Vision International University CA
Darren Hardy Success Magazine CA
Sanford G. Kulkin, Ph.D. The Institute for Motivational Living OH
Harvey Mackay Mackay Mitchell Envelope Company MN
Sarita Maybin CA
Connie Penn, Ph.D. United States Online University CA
Jan Ruhe CO
Georg Schlueter, Ph.D. University of Phoenix CA
Brian Tracy Bryan Tracy International CA
Mikel Dr. Walton Mercy Media Group, LLC CA
Chris Widener Chris Widener International WA
Terri Zelenak CoachVille NJ