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Entrepreneurship Curriculum

USOU faculty members are skilled educators, groundbreaking researchers, and award-winning authors. Faculty leverage their business expertise and field-based research to create new knowledge and enduring concepts that shape the practice of entrepreneurship. All of our faculty also serve as advisers, consultants, and directors of the most successful companies across the globe.

Sustainable Strengths

Our Educational Deliverables are based upon years of research, competency modeling and learning systems analysis.  You can be assured that our technology and Online Learning Platform ranks among the finest in design and delivery, as evidenced by numerous awards and recognition worldwide.

  • USOU Executive Education programs are Innovative and Engaging
  • USOU will soon feature one of the largest e-Libraries for Entrepreneurial Studies in the nation

Entrepreneurial Studies: Course Outline


100.1 Exploring the “E” – Success Modeling

100.2 Its your Business

100.3 Measuring risk and exposure

100.4 ROI and VOI explained

100.5 CEO vs. CPO

100.6 Success and Failing; the Facts of Life

100.7 Life Long Learning

100.8 Nomenclature: Vocabulary and Definitions


LDR-101 Comprehensive Leadership Styles

101.1 Leadership Servant

101.2 Personal Leadership

101.3 Organizational Leadership

101.4 Team Building

101.5 Doing vs. Being

101.6 Its an Art and a Science


LCH-201 Life Coaching

201.1 Life Skills

201.2 Mentoring

201.3 Wellness Coaching

201.4 Executive Coaching

201.5 Business Coaching


REL-301 Relationship Management

301.1 Networking

301.2 “You” are your Brand

301.3 Dealing with Difficult People

301.4 Code of Honor


COM-401 Communication

401.1 Active Listening Skills

401.2 Effective Communication

401.3 Dynamic Presentations

401.4 Motivational Public Speaking


SIM-501 Self Improvement

501.1 Confidence Building

501.2 Personal Psychology

501.3 Stress Management

501.4 Assertiveness Training

501.5 Anger Management

501.6 Building Self Esteem

501.7 Goal Setting


MKG-601 Marketing

601.1 Online Marketing

601.2 Social Media

601.3 Global Strategies

601.4 Website Essentials

601.5 Future Innovations

601.6 Apps and Software

601.7 Security

601.8 Mobile Office

601.9 Sales Online

602.1Finding Customers

602.2 Branding

603.3 SEO


BUS-701 Business Essentials

701.1 Personal Financial Management

701.2 Business Accounting

701.3 Taxes Business Ethics

701.4 Personal Business Plan

701.5 Forecasting AND Goal Setting

701.6 Business Ethics

701.7 Personal Business Plan