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STAR Performance Trainer

Training programs are effective to the degree that they produce improved performance in the workplace and thereby contribute to the achievement of the organization's missions and objectives. The STAR Performance Trainer meets both criteria: effectiveness and efficiency.

In these programs, salespeople will experience face-to-face encounters with real-to-life customers and salespeople. The program is designed to develop those competencies needed to compete successfully in today's aggressive marketplace. The STAR Performance Trainer duplicates the best methods of the brightest performers. Because of its advanced instructional system design, participants will experience reduced training time and increased retention.

Learning to handle objections properly will help salespeople convert negative stress into a positive outcome, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and increased financial rewards.

STAR Performance Trainer: Handling Objections 1

This program covers the following objection categories:
Price - Time - Credibility - Relationship - Value
  • 1 CD-ROM Response Training
  • 1 CD-ROM Strategy Training
  • 1 Self-Assessment
  • 50 Video Sales Situations
  • Instant Performance Feedback System
  • Detailed Competency Definitions and Profiles

STAR Performance Trainer: Handling Objections 2

This program covers the following objection categories:
Quality - Service - Competence - Indecision - Suspicion

  • 1 CD-ROM Response Training
  • 1 CD-ROM Strategy Training
  • 1 Self-Assessment
  • 50 Video Sales Situations
  • Instant Performance Feedback System
  • Detailed Competency Definitions and Profiles

Why Train With the STAR Performance Trainer?

Experts in training and development agree that the STAR Performance Trainer will revolutionize sales and management training. They are especially excited because the behavioral changes can be guaranteed, and the competency levels reached during training can be maintained over a long period of time. But the most exciting aspect of the STAR Performance Trainer is the fact that the performance improvements can be accomplished without a professional trainer.

Based on 20 Years of Competency Research

The STAR Performance Trainer is based on extensive research with more than 3,000 sales professionals. The study identified the core competencies and success factors of top performers. 

A competency is defined as the underlying cluster of attitudes, knowledge and skills working together to produce superior performance within a specific job and/or organization. 

Each STAR Performance Trainer module includes a competency based self-assessment. Participants answer a questionnaire with 20 statements. The responses are computer-scored and the results are shown in a competency profile.

The STAR Performance Trainer Creates the Following Benefits:

  • Rapid development of critical core competencies and success factors
  • Reduced training times (saves up to 50%)
  • Smooth behavior changes with a long-term effect
  • Significant savings due to the program's low cost

Now it's possible to concurrently train an entire sales organization with the STAR Performance Trainer. The quality of the training is at the highest level and adapts to the learning speed of the individual. There is no need for time-consuming role plays to stabilize new behavior - everything is controlled by the program.

The Best Way to Improve Responsiveness

In the STAR Performance Trainer "Handling Objections", for example, participants improve their proactive behavior which leads to more constructive and effective sales conversations. The video simulations provide a powerful way to enhance assertiveness and optimize interpersonal interactions.

The instructional interface of the program is designed to bring participants face to face with customer objections. On the large monitor, salespeople will experience different customers and their objections along with three responses from salespeople.

The Power of Instant Feedback

After each objection and the related responses, the program reveals a rating screen. Each response is rated by dragging the images of the salespeople to "Bronze" for good, "Silver" for better, and "Gold" for best.

The results of the rating are displayed in real-time on the Performance Meter located on the left of the screen. Numerous research studies have proven that immediate feedback plays a major role in competency development and performance improvement.

Expert Advice from the Virtual Coach

The STAR Performance Trainer provides Expert Advice at any time during the training by simply selecting the Coach button on the lower left of the screen.

The information supplied by the Coach covers techniques utilized by top performers. These concepts will further enhance the attitudes, knowledge and skills required to excel.

The Best Way to Improve Strategic Thinking and Acting

In the module "Strategy Training" participants will apply ten proven strategies used by top performers in handling objections. 

On the large monitor participants will experience customers presenting their objections along with the responses from three salespeople. After each video episode the Strategy Selection Screen will appear. Participants will then click and drag one of the Strategy Bars to the corresponding salesperson. A correct answer will allow the Strategy Bar to remain in place. An incorrect answer will cause the Strategy Bar to bounce back.

Competency-Based Performance Feedback

The Feedback Report provides a snapshot of the way the participants view their own proficiency and compares it to their actual performance in the program. The goal of this report is to provide as accurate a picture as possible, one that will help participants understand their competencies. Each competency is clearly defined in a detailed competency description.

Customized for Specific Needs

Each STAR Performance Trainer can be customized to meet specific needs of a company or industry group. There are four levels of customization:

A customized STAR Performance Trainer is excellent for the quick and lasting development of sales and managerial competencies. The development of industry-group and company-specific modules leads to very efficient and cost-effective systems and solutions.

Corporate Identity Customization
This type of customization includes the insertion of your company logo at the beginning of the program and customized CD-ROM covers and labels.

Full Customization
This includes the production of company or industry-group specific video simulations as well as text and graphic content.

Production Pool
This customization option includes the same features as the full customization. The only difference is that your company joins a group of other companies which split the production cost.

Profit Center
The Profit Center option includes the same features as the full customization. The only difference is that your company pays for the customization cost and invites other companies to join on a smaller scale to participate in your industry group specific version of the program. The idea behind this model is that your company recoups the initial investment for the customization and earns profits for future customized STAR Performance Trainer.

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