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STAR - Sales Talent Assessment Review

The STAR Sales Talent Assessment Review was developed from competency studies with more than 3,000 salespeople, sponsored by DuPont, Toyota, 3M and B.A.T. The assessment is designed to measure 20 core competencies in selling. STAR is based on 100 short video case studies to be evaluated by the participants. The program provides individual competency profiles and a detailed feedback system with a personal development plan. STAR is available in English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

STAR helps to identify top performers and provides hard data, not opinions about the strengths and developmental needs of your salesforce. You will be able to benchmark sales performance and utilize the results for performance improvement. The program has a database of over 200,000 reported participants from more than 300 companies worldwide. The actual participant count exceeds 1.000,000. STAR received the Professional Contribution Award from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and the European Award of Masters.

Each Facilitator Set Includes:

  • 100 Video Case Studies on DVD
  • Facilitator Manual
  • Feedback System
  • Profile Management
  • Personal Development Plans

STAR Sales Competency Training System

The STAR Sales Competency Training System includes cutting-edge methods and tools for competency development. Unlike sales training seminars, which target knowledge and skills only, this system focuses on 20 core competencies, essential to all salespeople.

The system approach utilized in the STAR Competency Training System is firmly grounded in research on competency development and performance improvement. Each of the five modules covers four competencies from the STAR Sales Assessment.

Participants prepare for workshops with self-study programs on CD-ROMs. During the workshops, participants explore success factors and gain a thorough understanding of customer needs from the buyer's standpoint. They learn how to observe, evaluate and fine-tune behavior through exercises, case studies, real-life simulations, and role plays.

Each Trainer Module Includes:

  • Trainer Resource Manual
  • 20 Video Case Studies
  • Reproducible Exercises
  • Roleplay Templates
  • High quality video
  • Competency Checklists

Each Participant CD-ROM Includes:

  • Learning Objectives
  • 4 Competency Definitions
  • Workshop Preparation Material
  • 20 Case Study Analysis Forms
  • 20 Video Case Studies
  • 2 Critical Incident Forms



Planning - goal setting and time management

Organizing - utilizing and maximizing your resources

Implementing - executing action plans

Controlling - dealing with external and self-control

Listening - following conversations dynamically

Understanding - interpreting messages accurately

Convincing - conveying complex issues with ease

Achieving - communicating with desired results

Working Method

Preserving - focusing on nurturing a customer base

Gaining - prospecting for new customers

Improvising - utilizing flexibility to maximize the results

Systematizing - applying proven concepts and methods


Changing - adapting well to new situations

Learning - being driven by the desire to progress

Performing - maintaining a high level of productivity

Motivating - selling proactively with a purpose

Sales Style Flexibility

Relation-Oriented - cultivating personal connections

Goal-Oriented - taking action and following through

Problem-Oriented - acting as adviser or consultant

Partner-Oriented - building win/win relationships


STAR Performance Trainer

Training programs are effective to the degree that they produce improved performance in the workplace and thereby contribute to the achievement of the organization's missions and objectives. The STAR Performance Trainer meets both criteria: effectiveness and efficiency.

In this program, salespeople will experience face-to-face encounters with real-to-life customers and salespeople. The program is designed to develop those competencies needed to compete successfully in today's aggressive marketplace. The STAR Performance Trainer duplicates the best methods of the brightest performers. Because of its advanced instructional system design, participants will experience reduced training time and increased retention.

Learning to handle objections properly will help salespeople convert negative stress into a positive outcome, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and increased financial rewards.

Handling Objections

This program covers the following objection categories:
Price - Time - Credibility - Relationship - Value

  • 1 CD-ROM Response Training
  • 1 CD-ROM Strategy Training
  • 1 Self-Assessment
  • 50 Video Sales Situations
  • Instant Performance Feedback System
  • Detailed Competency Definitions and Profiles